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Carrie Reviews on P2 Personal Training 1 year ago
P2 Personal Training
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This may be the right style of training for you but if not Buyer Beware - You get a 5 minute demo...then are sat down and shown prices - of course the most reasonable starts as a package of 36 1/2 hr sessions for a total of $1,332! So $37.00 per 1/2 hr. (That was my contract on 1/29/18). I was not given a copy of the contract so please ask and read it. After several sessions I knew this was not the right fit for me...I tried to double up sessions to 1 hour. After burning about less then half of my sessions I was done. I asked for my money back as it was not for me. No is the answer, they had all my money so it is now a donation to the owner.....so no satisfaction guarantee on this one and it is NOT cheap. I wanted to share the buyer beware just in case this may not be for you. It is a unique style of workout but it will not be for everyone...too bad that is not a consideration by the business!

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