With Fort Myers being a beachy area, there are more than enough seafood restaurants. What about the Mexican restaurants? No, we're not talking about Taco Bell...we mean the kind of Mexican restaurants that offer authentic Mexican cuisine, along with those ever so tasty margaritas. When you want Mexican food, you want the real deal, right? Fortunately, we have found exactly what you are looking for. We have narrowed it down to three restaurants that we know you'll enjoy.

Iguana Mia Mexican Restaurant - If you love cheap margaritas that don't taste cheap, then you'll love Iguana Mia. On Mondays they offer 99 cent margaritas, and for another 99 cents you get an extra shot...can't beat that! What goes best with delicious margaritas? Chips and salsa of course! After being seated, the server will promptly bring you chips, salsa, and water. The entrees come in large portions so be sure to come hungry, and don't worry about the price, everything is affordable! It's also a great place to come on your birthday because you get to eat a meal of your choice for free!

Taquiera San Julian - Simple and casual is how we would describe Taquiera. No need for a reservation, no need to dress to impress, and no ridiculous prices. It is a small place that offers the most phenomenal Mexican food. Their menu consists of mostly tacos and quesadillas, but they are fresh, delicious, and anyone will tell you that they are the best around. Their ceviche and chimmichangas are both popular choices when you want to try something different. You'll also get a kick out of their house-made sauces.

Restaurante La Fogata - Homemade, fresh, and authentic...just how we like our Mexican restaurants. Prepare yourself, this isn't your average Mexican-American kind of place. Everything on the menu will satisfy your taste buds and take you away to Mexico. Guacamole is usually a hit or miss at other restaurants, but here it is so fresh and flavorful that you'll beg for the recipe. Their menu consists of all of the basics such as chalupas, enchiladas, quesadillas, and tacos, but that's not all. At a place like this you want to go out of the ordinary. Try their Chile En Nogada which is a poblano pepper stuffed with picadillo, almonds and green olives, covered with our deliciously unique pecan sauce.