By: Andrew Silverstein

If you work early in the a.m. you know how tough mornings can be sometimes.  The alarm goes off sending a shock through your peacefully resting body making you nothing but annoyed when you finally do get up after a few smacks of that 'snooze' button.  Then you're up with no time to spare, scrambling around for all your belongings before you're out the door to realize you haven't eaten the most important meal of the day yet.

Of course, you can stop at the drive through for an overpriced McBreakfast that'll leave you just as miserable, or worse, as before, or opt for something better.

In Fort Myers, that "something better" comes in the form of Bennett's Fresh Roast, the area's premier coffee and donut shop.  They're not kidding when they say fresh either, each of their coffee selections are roasted fresh the night before and never pre-packaged like a number of those other big coffee establishments.

Best of all they sell these fresh roasted creations in their retail store and online so you can have Bennett's fresh roasted coffee any time you'd like.

In addition to premium roast coffee, Bennett's Fresh Roast also knows their way around some delicious, fresh morning grub as well.  Their most famous for their from-scratch, hand cut donuts which some say are the best they've ever tasted.  Choose from an assortment of flavors including classic glazed, cinnamon bun, maple Applewood bacon, peanut butter chocolate, and so much more.

Or, try Bennett's fresh breakfast sandwich with fresh scrambled egg, sausage or ham, and jack cheese on a healthy whole wheat pita.  For lunch they also serve a variety of wraps, salads, sandwiches, and more.

If this sounds awesome, set that alarm clock a little early some day this week and make it a point to check out Bennett's Fresh Roast.  You definitely won't be disappointed.