The City of Fort Myers, located in Lee County, has seen rapid growth in recent years. It's not just one of the best places to visit, it's also one of the best places to live in Florida. The neighborhoods are family-friendly with some of the top-performing schools in the Lee County area. The neighborhoods have many dining options, outdoor activities, and physical fitness opportunities. If you need help finding the best performing Realtors® in Fort Myers, let Effective Agents help. Their proprietary matching algorithm sorts through millions of real estate transaction suggesting the best Realtor® for you and the city you're buying in. 

Whiskey Creek

Whiskey Creek tops the list of the best place to raise a family in Fort Myers. This small town has a population of 4,979. What you'll experience in this quaint town is that it has a hometown feel since most of the residents here own rather than rent. 

You'll find that most of the residents here are conservative retirees. Whiskey Creek has a wide variety of attractions, parks, and restaurants. The public schools have been scored higher than average. Some of the best-performing schools in Whiskey Creek include: 

Fort Myers High School
Florida Southwestern Collegiate High School
Allen Park Elementary School
Cypress Lake Middle School
Edison Park Creative & Expressive Arts School 

Three Oaks 

Three Oaks used to be a small town but it's becoming as popular as Miami and Orlando. It currently has a population of 3,850. Most of the homes in Three Oaks are suburban in style. Not only is it one of the best places to buy a home, but it's also the best place to raise a family and the best area with public schools. The top public schools in Three Oaks include Three Oaks Elementary School, Allen Park Elementary School, and Cypress Lake Middle School. 


You'll fall in love with Sanibel the moment that you visit. The beaches are incredible and it's not as crowded as Three Oaks. This suburban town currently has a population of 7,128. It received a high grade for its low crime rate, which makes it one of the safest places to live. Some of the best schools in Sanibel include Fort Myers High School, Florida Southwestern Collegiate High School, and the Sanibel School. 


The demographic at the Villas is either college kids or seniors. This means this town is extremely safe to live in and the quality of life has improved. The future of this area is likely to thrive and become more populated. Each of these factors has made the Villas one of the best places in the Fort Myers area. It's in close proximity to the beach and Sanibel Island. It's also close to some of the previously mentioned top performing schools. 


Gateway has a great mix of activities, fitness options, and outdoor sports. It has a current population of 10,388 residents. You'll notice that this town has more retirees and young professionals that have conservative values. The public schools in Gateway are rated well above average. The top-performing schools include: 

Gateway Elementary School
Riverdale High School
Gateway Charter Elementary School
Varsity Lakes Middle School
Treeline Elementary School  

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