Does a good mystery and suspense thrill you? Do you like evenings out and entertainment? We have the perfect thing for you! The Murder Mystery Dinner Train will give you a memorable night of fun and entertainment that you will not forget in Fort Myers!  

This incredible experience of a live play, dinner, and train ride gives you and your family such a thrilling evening out, that is very different from the rest. The train runs for three and a half hours and will provide you with dramatic and fun theatre performances with live actors, and a delicious dinner, cooked right there on the train with you! Did I mention that the dinner is a 5-course meal?! You will definitely be getting the full experience here! 

The tickets are $70 a person, affordable if you were planning on doing more things than just going out for dinner. You get three experiences in one for a good price! The point of the murder is for you, the passenger to decide who the murderer is and why they committed it. You will gather clues along the way, noting down what you've discovered. Before the final act, your notes will be taken and the mystery will be unveiled. If you were right, you get a prize! 

If you think this sounds like a great evening, you can call to make reservations in advance at 239-308-0886 for the Murder Mystery Dinner Train

Maybe you want to make this trip a little longer if so they have get-a-ways. While you receive all that is listed before, you will also be taken to a Marriott Courtyard Hotel for a one night stay. These tickets start at $119 and you can get in on the fun now through the 30th. 

So go ahead, get your family pumped about a new, exciting night out and plan your trip! Whether it's the train ride or the get-a-way, I am sure your family will have a blast at the Murder Mystery Dinner Train in Fort Myers. It will be an evening of fun and entertainment! 

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